Sorry Miss, My Life Ate My Homework

Today I was asked “What’s happened to your blog? I really enjoyed it”. Always one to respond well to flattery, it has given me the proverbial kick that I needed, but it has also made me think; what did happen?

Promoting the work I do and discussing my ideas through my blog is something I feel very passionately about and I certainly haven’t run out of ideas and topics. My last blog was exactly one month ago but it feels much, much longer than that because the last month has been a pretty busy one. With additional work commitments which, like buses, have all come at once, and in my own time a hectic rehearsal schedule for a forthcoming concert, even finding time to spend with my family has been a tall order. All in all, it has been an exhausting month, and no matter how often I thought about writing a new blog, life just kept getting in the way.

Reflecting on this has given me a new perspective on exactly what I am asking of people when I give them homework to do. We all have varying capacity in our lives to find the time to do that one extra thing. Sometimes, even when we know something is important and we really want to do it, our lives seem to conspire against us achieving it. It is easy to forget that whilst few of the people I work with have the traditional pressures of juggling work and family, they have many other things to cope with which will impact on their ability to achieve their goals; not least of all the demands of seeing a myriad of different professionals. Without a good overview of what else is going on in that person’s life at that moment in time it is impossible to determine how realistic it is for them to do that one little thing I am asking.

So I have decided to set myself a more realistic goal; to continue to write regularly but not add the pressure of making this a weekly blog, and also to seek to understand and give more consideration to how realistic the ‘homework’ I set for others actually is.


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