About Me

My name is Susan Munro and I am a Speech & Language Therapist working in north-east Scotland. In 2008 I was given the challenge of setting up a Speech & Language Therapy service for individuals who access General Adult Psychiatry services across Tayside. We now have a service that is going from strength to strength but Tayside is a rarity and there are still very few Speech & Language Therapists working in the field of adult mental health.

The purpose of mentalhealthslt is to share my experiences not only with other Speech & Language Therapists but with anyone who works in or has an interest in mental health. Good communication is crucial in achieving and maintaining mental well being so don’t forget about Speech & Language Therapists.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Susan,

    I am an SLT working with adolescents and young adults (14-19 yrs) in a special needs school. Over the year of which I have worked in the school, I have noticed a high percentage of students on my case load (particularly those with H-F ASD and/or MLD) have complex difficulties with social communication and emotional regulation.

    My role in the school develops every day and I am moving towards developing my CPD in mental health/challenging behaviour.

    I have read your blogs and couldn’t relate more to the messages you have put across about the relation between communication and mental health. I am keen to learn more so that I can adequately support my students, but equally, so I know the boundaries of my role and when to refer on.

    I have attended counselling skills for SLTs this year (2 day course), but I am keen to attend more training opportunities over the coming year. I was wondering if you know of any upcoming talks, events or training opportunities related to mental health that I could consider attending.

    Any feedback would be most welcome.

    many thanks,


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